Know Your Media - Media Portrayals of Mass Shootings and Gun Violence

Sep 9, 2019

This week's show discusses how media portrayals of mass shootings and gun violence impacts the gun debate.

We also discuss how different forms of media--from cable news outlets to Twitter to Snapchat--offer vastly different information. We've invited Dr. Justin Eckstein to help unpack some of these issues.

Dr. Justin Eckstein is an assistant professor of communication at Pacific Lutheran University and the director of the Toh Karl Forensics Forum. He loves pizza. Dr. Eckstein studies multimodal advocacy. His work canvases a number of issues including food, sound, and guns. He co-edited Cookery: Rhetorics of Social Production and has published numerous peer reviewed articles. We invited him here today to be part of this conversation because he has published several essays on gun violence and gun control, including a co-authored essay entitled “Since Sandy Hook.” He also recently gave a talk in Las Vegas entitled “The Parkland Kids are Alright,” and has worked extensively on the gun advocacy of Emma Gonzalez, who features prominently in his current book that is in process--Sound Tactics and the Acoustics of the Public