Little Outlines Idaho's Rebound in Four Reopening Stages

Apr 23, 2020

KISU-FM News - COVID-19 Update - 4/23/2020

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic caused the nation to all but shut down, Idaho now has a schedule to gradually reopen - albeit a tentative one.  

With state-wide pressure mounting and amid growing calls to disobey Idaho Governor Brad Little’s stay at home order, Little provided specific information and proposed dates for reopening the state during his town hall meeting today in Boise.

The Governor’s plan also  includes protocols that Idahoans must continue to follow through each of the four steps and beyond. 

“until we have targeted case-based interventions for each infectious person, an effective vaccine, or effective treatment, we must maintain some level of community interventions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

The plan includes four stages, the first tentatively scheduled to begin May 1st. Each stage includes a list of the types of businesses allowed to reopen along with a range of dates when reopening may be possible.

 Stage 1 will begin only if all criteria detailed in the plan are met.  These criteria include medical equipment availability as well as a prolonged downward trend in confirmed cases over a 2-week period.  Each two week phase would be graduated from assuming all criteria remained met and no significant increase in cases occurred during that phase.  

Governor Little warned Idahoans the dates provided are not concrete and are dependent on Idaho’s continued downward trend in COVID-19 cases and ability to meet other outlined criteria..

“We have to do this in stages, and if we slip backward, those dates are all going to move out. We’re trying to create a concrete roadmap, but if we have a spike with one of these critical components we have to delay everything else.”

The Guidelines for Opening Idaho with information about the four steps is online:


Call the Hotline at 1-888-330-3010

View the four stages in a .pdf document