Mind Tap Final Episode

Feb 12, 2021

Join Scott, Jessica, and Christian for the final installment of Mind Tap. The Mind Tap series has aired 17 episodes on topics ranging from opioid use, to grief and loss, and to suicide. Mind Tap has highlighted fascinating and sometimes inspiring personal stories, connected with clinical mental health experts, and brought attention to the wealth of mental health resources that are available to our Idaho communities. A list of these resources is attached to this program link.

Credit Mind Tap Logo

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List of Mental Health Resources:

1. Idaho State University Counseling. (For ISU Students) Website. https://www.isu.edu/clinics/counseling-pocatello/ Call. (208) 240-1609

2. Pocatello Free Clinic. Website. https://pocatellofreeclinic.com/ Call. (208) 233-6245

3. Sunlight Now (Suicide prevention network based in Idaho Falls). Website. https://www.sunlightnow.org/

4. National Alliance on Mental Illness. Website. https://namiidaho.org/ Call.  208-520-4210