Radio & Tax Relief

Mar 28, 2017

Sometimes the best part of driving to work, running a few errands, or even sitting down at your desk, is turning on the radio. KISU public radio makes riding in the car or finishing up some task a completely different experience. If a commute—or part of an afternoon—or an evening without public radio sounds absolutely dreadful to you, then please volunteer a contribution in any amount. So taking a few minutes for KISU-FM right now will help pay for those priceless moments of radio relief long into the future.  Idaho residents, take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit

To Donate Now - CLICK HERE

Call KISU at 208-282- 3691. Or, easier still is go online to kisu (dot) org, select the Your Ear tothe World selection from your search engine, click on the orange DONATE box, and you can beassured of a secure donation.  And remember, a donation to KISU is tax deductible so be sure to visit with your tax advisor. Thanks.