In Wake of Mass Shootings Senator Crapo Addresses IF City Club

Aug 15, 2019

Just days after deadly mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, Senator Mike Crapo addressed the City Club of Idaho Falls and took questions from attendees.

During the forum Dr. David Adler commented on the record-setting participation from the audience, saying

"We have a record number of questions over our 12 years. There are well more than one hundred questions. A number of them, and this comes as no surprise, fall into particular categories. Senator, a lot of members of your audience want to ask about guns, gun violence, proposed regulations." 

Audience members' questions also focused heavily on Russian interference in US elections and immigration policy. The senator was asked about the A+ rating given him by the NRA. Listen to Senator Crapo's address and responses to these questions by listening to the entire IF City Club forum.