America Reimagined

Wednesdays @ 7:30 p.m.
  • Hosted by Dr. David Adler

“America Reimagined” affords our guests, experts drawn from the four corners of the nation, to take stock of America and to contemplate or imagine what the nation might look like under different circumstances, policies and programs.

The Alturas Institute is a 501 c 3, non-profit educational organization created to defend American Democracy by advancing the Constitution, civic education, gender equality and equal protection of the law.

Our rendition of “America the Beautiful,” is a new arrangement created by the talented musician, Steve Eaton, and sung by Idaho State Senator Cherie Buckner Webb and 8 year- old Charlotte Levall.

Production assistance is provided by Taylor Nadauld and Mandi Gardner.

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Christine K. Walker is an award- winning director and producer behind the films Homo Heights, Backroads and American Splendor. She’s worked with some of the biggest stars: Bradley Cooper, Diane Keaton, Marissa Tomei, Kevin Kline, Paul Gimatti, among others.

Dr. David Adler continues discussion on the power of the presidency with Dr. Lara Brown, one of America's leading Presidential scholars. Due to the fact that the last three impeachment attempts have failed, she believes that we now have an unconstrained executive office. Brown contends that the presidency is too powerful as an institution and the federal government has grown vastly larger in scope than the framers ever imagined.

This week, America Reimagined continues exploration of the question "Is the office of the US Presidency too powerful?" Dr. David Adler welcomes Political Science Professor Robert Spitzer.


Dr. David Adler welcomes ISU Professor Emeritus Ron Hatzenbuehler for this episode of America Reimagined. They discuss Lincoln's 1865 Inaugural Address and imagine what advice the 16th president of the United States would offer for unifying and healing our nation.

Dr. David Adler welcomes Gemma Gaudette, prize-winning journalist and host of Boise State Public Radio’s popular program, “Idaho Matters.” She joins us to discuss her career in journalism, the challenges in hosting “Idaho Matters” in the Covid era, at a time when journalists have been characterized as “enemies of the people” by President Donald Trump.