Bengal Financial Literacy Show

Second Monday of every month at 7:30 pm

The Bengal Financial Literacy show is designed to discuss basic financial topics to help educate and spread awareness about every-day financial issues.  Each month the show will welcome guests from various fields (Insurance, Tax, Banking, and more) to help improve our Financial Awareness and also discuss the new Financial Literacy Certificate that is being offered through the College of Business.

About our host- Chris Chatwin, CPA is a member of the Finance and Economics teaching faculty in the College of Business at Idaho State University.  Chris obtained a BS in Economics and BBA in Accounting as well as an MBA with a Finance Emphasis at Idaho State University.  After obtaining his BS and BBA Chris spent several years in Financial Planning and Wealth Management while also operating a small business consulting and tax practice.  Chris now teaches Personal Finance at the University and also heads the new Financial Literacy Certificate program being offered through the College of Business.

Our guest is Aaron Moore, State Farm Insurance Agent here in Pocatello, Idaho.  Tonight's show will be Part 1 of a 2 part discussion on general liability insurance. Tonight's focus will be on automobile insurance.

Joining The Begal Financial Literacy show is Joel Philips from Sanctuary Wealth Management here in Pocatello. Joel is also a graduate of ISU.  Together we discuss last month's craziness in the stock market (specifically GameStop) and where individuals can turn for advice on investing.

Host Christ Chatwin meets with Dr. Dawn Konicek, professor of Financial Accounting in the Idaho State University College of Business. Seeing as it's the midst of tax season, Chatwin and Konicek are going to talk all things taxes.

The new Dean of the ISU College of Business, Dr. Shane Hunt, is the guest for the January, 2021 episode of The Bengal Financial Literacy Show on KISU. The show was created to build awareness of and educate listeners about everyday financial issues beginning with the basics. Host Chris Chatwin welcomes a new guest each month to discuss topics such as insurance, tax, banking and more- all tying in closely with the Financial Literacy Certificate newly offered at the College. 

This month's guest is Doug Chambers, CEO of ISU Federal Credit Union.  Doug and Chris will discuss the nature of banking and credit unions as well as try to break down some of the barriers that have us thinking of finances as a taboo subject.