Don't Call it Jazz

First and Final Saturdays of each month

"Don't call it jazz! This is social music!" Miles Davis gave us that gem of a quote as he was admonishing a reporter for using "that dirty word, jazz" in an interview. What is a confusing remark at first becomes clear when you dive deeper into the mind of a professional musician. All great musicians are poly-genre, meaning they care less about the style of music than the quality of it, and its cultural resonance. 

Host Jon Armstrong is a professional musician, and a professor of jazz music and recording technology at Idaho State University. Before moving to Idaho, Armstrong worked in Los Angeles for seven years as a player, composer, and educator. He's performed jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, R&B, bluegrass, country, folk, reggae, and everything in between. He still gigs and writes a lot of music and is constantly checking out recordings from every corner of the creative music world. Each show, Armstrong will play tunes that have caught his ear over the years, while telling fun stories and informative anecdotes from his unique perspective. On special occasions, he will also bring in a guest musician to do an in-studio live interview and performance! Don't Call it Jazz. First and final Saturdays of every month at 7pm. 

Host Jon Armstrong honors Mary Lou Williams for this episode. Williams, a luminary, teacher and performer was an underrated genius of jazz for her influence she left on the genre.

Jon Armstrong takes us south to Brazil for this episode of Don't Call it Jazz.

Host Jon Armstrong welcomes Dan Atkinson, a brilliant jazz historian, musician, and ethnomusicologist to Don't Call it Jazz. Armstrong and Atkinson had such a great time conversing, that there's enough material for two episodes! Frankly, there was enough material for three episodes!Armstrong asked Atkinson to create a list of his favorite jazz tunes that cover a wide history of the music. Between all the great music, the two of them have an invigorating conversation, delving into the history, philosophy, aesthetics, and joy of this incredible art form. Atkinson also shares several first-hand accounts of learning from some of the masters of jazz, as he spent time as a saxophonist in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Seattle. 

Host Jon Armstrong releases his third album under his name this week with Reabsorb, on Orenda Records. To celebrate his new album, Armstrong has curated a dynamic playlist from his own recording career as a performer, composer, and band-leader.