Know Your Media

One Monday each month at 7:00pm
  • Hosted by Zac Gershberg

This monthly, half-hour program examines the range of media literacy so listeners can become more informed and conscientious citizens. Topics include conversations about the economic, historical, legal, political, and technological aspects of media innovation and practices. Each episode features an interview with a respected guest in some area of the media world. We invite you to listen and consider how we might better navigate the complex systems of information and entertainment in which we are immersed. Check back each month, from September to May, for new episodes. 

About your host:

Dr. Zac Gershberg is an associate professor of journalism and media studies at Idaho State University. He teaches courses such as Media Literacy, Business & Political Reporting, Feature Writing, and Mass Media History, Law, and Ethics. His research focuses on the evolution of journalism, media technology, and political communication.

Ways to Connect

Host Dr. Zac Gershberg talks with Dr. Justin Dolan Stover, an ISU historian, about recent events at the U.S. Capitol to try to make sense of it through a historical lens.

Join Dr. Zac Gershberg, host of Know Your Media on KISU-FM, for a special election episode that walks us through American media and political history. From the partisan press of 1800 to President Lincoln’s use of the telegraph and from Bush v Gore to Trump v Biden.

In this episode of Know Your Media Dr. Zac Gershberg welcomes ISU Professor of Political Science Dr. Colin Johnson for an in-depth conversation about Russian use of media, both domestically and internationally, to control political outcomes and erode domocratic values. They also talk about confirmation bias, a rise of illiberal democracies, and an international assessment of US freedom in decline.

Join Host Zac Gershberg as he meets with Kyle Pfannenstiel, a Report For America corps member covering health care at the Idaho Falls Post Register. They'll discuss COVID-19 as well as the challenges facing journalists during a pandemic. 

Join Zac Gershberg, host of Know Your Media for a conversation with writer Anne Helen Petersen, a former Buzzfeed journalist who is originally from Idaho. They discuss the landscape of local and national media and preview her forthcoming book, Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation.