Mind Tap

Fridays @ 7:35 a.m.

Mind Tap is a student produced radio series that investigates locally important mental health topics. Spearheaded by Rhesa Ledbetter, a Professor of Biology at Idaho State University, Mind Tap is co-hosted by Scott Greeves, Jessica Whitaker-Fornek and Christian Powell.


Mental health is important. We all have mental health, good, bad or something in-between.  It’s an avoidable and sometimes beautiful part of the human experience, which is intrinsically linked with our personalities and lives. However, mental health is diverse and can be exceptionally challenging. In much of western society, mental health is still not easy to talk about and it can seem that topic is hushed by a stigma. To give mental health a voice, we gladly present Mind Tap; providing a platform to incite thinking and conversation around a sometimes-difficult topic. We hope that we can learn from each other’s experiences and feel more comfortable talking about and improving our mental health.


We hope you will join us for Mind Tap, Friday mornings at 7.35am. 






Mind Tap Final Episode

Feb 12, 2021
Mind Tap Logo

Join Scott, Jessica, and Christian for the final installment of Mind Tap. The Mind Tap series has aired 17 episodes on topics ranging from opioid use, to grief and loss, and to suicide. Mind Tap has highlighted fascinating and sometimes inspiring personal stories, connected with clinical mental health experts, and brought attention to the wealth of mental health resources that are available to our Idaho communities. A list of these resources is attached to this program link.

Dr. Rhesa Ledbetter behind the mic.

This week on Mind Tap, Scott is joined by KISU founder, Dr. Rhesa Ledbetter, and Counseling Doctoral Student, Hannah Brinser. Combining personal experience and clinical expertise, Scott, Hannah and Rhesa explore the topics of grief and loss.

Mind Tap's New Year Special

Jan 5, 2021
Dr. Rick Pongratz, Director of ISU's counseling and testing center

To celebrate the end of 2020, Scott speaks to Dr. Rick Pongratz, Director of ISU's Counseling and Testing Center.

This week on Mind Tap, Scott Greeves takes on the freezing challenge of the Wim Hof Method, as he tries to reconnect with nature and his own mental wellbeing.

Social Media and Mental Health

Dec 22, 2020

Is social media a force for good, improving connectivity between people, allowing us to find new friends, promote worthwhile causes, and seek support during tough times? Or is something more insidious going on in the background? Is social media addictive, altering our perception of reality, causing political polarization, driving the spread of misinformation, and harming our mental health? This week on Mind Tap, I speak to clinical psycho-pharmacologist Dr. Ryan Manwaring, and Kellee Kirkpatrick, Professor of Public Policy at ISU.