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The Nature of Idaho: Zoo Idaho, Idaho Museum of Natural History to Debut Radio Show


Zoo Idaho and the Idaho Museum of Natural History will be bringing the wonders of Idaho’s natural world to the airwaves.

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The half-hour program features Peter Pruett, Zoo Idaho Superintendent, and Dr. Leif Tapanila, Director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History, highlighting how the Gem State’s wild places have shaped Idaho’s past, present and future. The show features regular segments on nature news and a fun fact.

“Idaho has so much to offer in terms of varied landscapes, habitats, geology, and people,” said Peter Pruett. “ ‘The Nature of Idaho’ is about sharing our excitement for all that is wild Idaho - the places and the faces.”

"We hope our listeners will take a little time with us to reconnect with nature, whether we're talking about digging up dinosaurs or listening to crickets in the backyard,” said Dr. Leif Tapanila. “There's always something amazing going on outside."

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They're an icon of the American West, wild horses. In this episode of The Nature of Idaho Leif and Peter talk with Heather Teil-Nelson and Kevin Lloyd from the Bureau of Land Management about maintaining a healthy population of horses on Idaho's public lands.

This week for The Nature of Idaho (NoID) Leif and Peter welcome Gene Peacock, Director of Zoo Boise, for a conversation about Zoo Boise's conservation programs and projects.  NoID airs Thursdays at 8:30 am.

This week, The Nature of Idaho launches an activity page to accompany the weekly broadcast! The March 26th episode titled Borah Peak Earthquake is available to listeners anytime at or by podcast in iTunes and GooglePlayMusic. 

On this episode of NoID, Dr. Leif Tapanila and Peter Pruett talk with Dr. Martin Horejsi about meteorites in Idaho. 

The latest Nature of Idaho episode focuses on the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. Leif Tapanila and Peter Pruett welcome Mike Setlock and Ben Cisna from the Bureau of Land Management about these unique mountains of shifting white quartz  in Eastern Idaho.