SAB Report

Wednesdays @ 7:40 a.m.

Join Logan Ramsey on the SAB Report as he gets the rundown from Ben Storms, the Director of Student Activities Board, on the latest student activities from week to week.

Ways to Connect

Student Activities Board Director Ben Storms stops by the KISU studios to tell our student-listeners about a few of the events and contests being held on campus during the 2021 spring semester at ISU.

Jamon Anderson takes the microphone today and talks to Ben Storms about SAB's halloween themed plans.

Ben gives Logan the rundown of what SAB has in store this week, and they discuss the necessity of taking time for yourself during a busy week like midterms.

Ben Storms joins Logan in the studio to give him the rundown on SAB's upcoming events at the start of October.

Ben Storms joins Logan Ramsey in the studio to talk about how you can show off your Bengal pride.