The Science Line

Fridays at 1:30 PM
  • Hosted by Scott Greeves, Scott Greeves and Rhesa Ledbetter, Ph.D

KISU is launching a new science podcast in January 2021. ‘The Science Line’, co-hosted by ISU Professor Rhesa Ledbetter and Graduate Student Scott Greeves, will challenge scientists to communicate their research to the public in a fun and understandable way. With a light-hearted and comedic tone, Scott and Rhesa highlight science happening in our local community, all while teasing their guests and even throwing in some science trivia.  If you enjoy listening to your Professors being put under pressure, ‘The Science Line’ is for you! ‘The Science Line’ broadcasts begin on January 15 and air every Friday at 1:35 pm.

Ways to Connect

The Science Line, Episode 8, with Sophie Hill

Apr 9, 2021
Sophie Hill, ISU Biological Sciences DA Student

This week on The Science Line, Scott and Rhesa whip up a storm with Biological Sciences DA student Sophie Hill. Discussing Sophie’s exciting research in urban stormwater, the conversation flows from urban ecosystems processes to citizen science. Listen to The Science Line this week to find out about the science happening on a rainy day.

From left to right, Rhesa, Nick, Jacqueline, Chans, and Scott

This week on The Science Line, Scott and Rhesa are joined by three special guests. Nick Phillips, Jacqueline Lindley, and Chans Arce are all final year microbiology students taking Rhesa’s Applied and Environmental Microbiology class. In this class, these remarkable students have developed an informative presentation on the COVID-19 vaccine, which they have been delivering to the local community. Catch The Science Line this week to find out more about the COVID-19 vaccine and the scientific communication strategies being used to present this information to the public.

The Science Line, Episode 6, with Dr. Kate Reedy

Mar 19, 2021
Dr. Kate Reedy

This week on the Science Line, Rhesa and Scott speak to Professor of Applied Anthropology, Dr. Katherine Reedy. Discussing Dr. Reedy’s research, the conversation explores indigenous communities in Alaska, and how a battle is raging over dwindling salmon resources. Listen to The Science Line this week to discover the ‘Applied’ in Applied Anthropologist, learn more about indigenous ways of life, and find out how many lines are dished out this week!

The Science Line, Episode 5, with Dr. James DiSanza

Mar 1, 2021
Dr. James DiSanza

This week on The Science Line, Rhesa and Scott speak to ISU Professor of Communication, Media and Persuasion, Dr. James DiSanza. Discussing Dr. DiSanza's research on persuasive attack and defense rhetoric, Scott and Rhesa find out how organizations can attack and defend using communication strategies. Listen to The Science Line this week, to find out how well a communication professor can communicate! 

The Science Line, Episode 4, with Dr. Roger Schmidt

Feb 19, 2021
Dr. Roger Schmidt

This week on The Science Line, Scott and Rhesa speak to Professor of English, Dr. Roger Schimdt. Discussing Roger's interesting teaching styles and passion for Jane Austin, the conversation dives into 18th Century British literature and explores how we can all learn from history. Thou shall listen to The Science Line!