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Sustainable Idaho explores locally important sustainability topics. Considering the three key pillars of sustainability, the economic, society, and the environmental, Sustainable Idaho explores why aspects of sustainability matters to Idahoans. 

Sustainable Idaho is a partnership between ISU's Sustainability Club and the Portneuf Resource Council.  Hosts for Sustainable Idaho are Scott Greeves and Rachel McGovern. Organization, planning, and technical assistance for the program from Linda Engle, Contact us with your ideas at You can find out more about the Portneuf Resource Council at  Email: 

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Trashing the Trails

22 hours ago
Justin Dayley

Outdoor recreation is massive here in Idaho, with 79% of all Idahoans participating in some form of outdoor recreation in 2017. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even more of us are now getting out there and taking advantage of the wonderful recreational opportunities available in Idaho. Whilst this can be great for our physical and mental health, recreation can have detrimental affects on our intricate natural environments. This week on Sustainable Idaho, to learn about how we can recreate more sustainably and responsibly, Scott and Rachel speak to Justin Dayley, a local expert in outdoor recreation and the Director of the ISU Outdoor Adventure Center.

ISU Sustainability Club: An Update

Apr 6, 2021
ISU Sustainability Club Logo

This week on Sustainable Idaho, Scott and Rachel are exploring the ISU Sustainability Club. Speaking to Eizaak Jordan, the club President, Sustainable Idaho explores the clubs current plans and why students should be getting involved.

To supplement Sustainable Idaho's investigation of groundwater contamination from pollutants at the Fort Hall Mine Landfill, tune in for a lecture titled “Keeping Our Aquifer Safe.  A 2021 Update”, which was first presented Feb. 8, 2021. The lecture features Dr. Tamzen MacBeth, CDM Smith Hydrologist who is tasked with managing the pollutants at the site.  

Dr. Tamzen MacBeth, CDM Smith

This week on Sustainable Idaho, Rachel and Scott continue their investigation of the Fort Hall Mine Landfill. Speaking to Dr. Tamzen MacBeth, an expert in the development and implementation of innovative solutions for contaminated soil, sediment and groundwater, Sustainable Idaho explores attempts to mitigate and reduce the amount of pollution entering the Portneuf aquifer.

The Fort Hall Mine Landfill: Groundwater Pollution

Mar 24, 2021
Bannock County, the Landfill Site

This week on Sustainable Idaho, Scott and Rachel investigate a new topic, the Fort Hall Mine Landfill. Hazardous chemicals were dumped into the landfill sometime during the 1940s. These chemical pollutants have slowly leached into the Portneuf aquifer and have degraded drinking water quality. Speaking to David Goings, a senior hydrogeologist for the Department Environmental Quality, Sustainable Idaho investigates.