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Sustainable Idaho - These segments cover a wide variety of local and statewide sustainability topics that are of interest to students, the university and larger SE Idaho community. This project is a collaboration between ISU’s Sustainability Club, KISU and the Portneuf Resource Council.  We will explore topics pertaining to water, energy, climate, agriculture and more. Contact us with your idea at

The hosts of Sustainable Idaho are Chris Brown and Julie Raymond. Organization, planning, and technical assistance for the program from Linda Engle,

Sustainability Idaho is sponsored by-

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Ways to Connect

This week on Sustainable Idaho we feature an interview with Dan Stone from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Dan provides excellent context and points regarding the importance of salmon recovery on the Snake River to our local Native communities. Economic, historical, and cultural aspects of this issue are discussed, as well as the Tribes’ interaction with the policy process on this issue.

Protecting drinking water sources is key to sustainable drinking water supplies. Measures to protect the supply of drinking water in Pocatello. This show explores the Lower Portneuf Valley Aquifer and asks our guests to share their expertise about the quality of drinking water in Pocatello and what can be done to protect it.

After Covid-19, how can we get the economy back on track and fight climate change?  Citizens’ Climate Lobby  (CCL) proposes a solution, called Carbon Fee and Dividend, that is supported by over 3500 economists.  A climate bill based on this proposal is called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763); it's now in the House of Representatives with 81 co-sponsors.  This bill goes even farther than the Carbon Fee and Dividend idea, it assists and protects our agricultural industry and military security.  Listen to this episode to hear how it works.   The Pocatello Chapter of CCL can be found on Facebook.

This week’s segment of Sustainable Idaho is hosted by Chris Brown and will present basic information on the proposal to remove four hydroelectric dams from the lower snake river.

Have you ever heard the term, farm to table? It’s often used to describe relationships between localfarmers and restaurants that exclusively serve cuisine prepared from local farmers. Julie Raymond speaks with local farmers in this episode of Sustainable Idaho.