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Don't Call it Jazz: Brad Goode

Don't Call it Jazz is proud to host Brad Goode, an amazing jazz musician who was kind enough to sit down with our host Jon Armstrong for an interview and to listen to three of Goode's own recordings.

Brad Goode is an incredible jazz musician and trumpeter, although he plays bass, drum set, piano, and other instruments at a very high level as well! He started off in Chicago learning and performing with greats before moving to Lexington, KY to further his education. He is now serving as a professor of jazz at the University of Colorado and has built a strong program there. 

Brad came to ISU in November of 2022 to give a masterclass to the big band and he had time to sit down with me for this interview. We even played a jazz song as a duo in studio. We talk for a while and then listen to three of the many wonderful recordings he’s made over his career. Many thanks to Brad Goode and to Dr. Aaron Miller at BYU-I for helping facilitate this interview.

“Encryption” - 6:58

Polytonal Dance Party (2008) Origin

Almost a New Orleans groove with electric overtones, Science Friction/Bitches Brew/Jack Johnson

Ken Walker - bass

Bill Kopper guitar/sitar

Jeff Jenkins - piano

Anthony Lee - drums

“St. Louis Blues” - 4:28 

Chicago Red (2013)

Great feel, electric, open, free, awesome rendition

Henry Threadgill vibes

Bijoux Barbosa - bass

Rony Barrak - rik percussion

Jeff Jenkins - piano

Bill Kopper - guitar (sitar)

Paa Kow (Pah Ko) - drums

“Regret” - 9:06 (with Ernie Watts)

That’s Right (2018) origin

(Quartet West)

Mellow vibe, great feel, incredible solo

Kelly Sill - bass (solo)

Adam Nussbaum - drums (solo brushes at end)

Adrean Farrugia - piano

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