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Don't Call it Jazz - Spotlighting Contemporary Artists Part I


This week and next we'll hear recent recordings that have caught my ear, some really incredible music being released by wonderful contemporary artists.

PART 1 (4/29/23)

  1. Genevive Artadi

“Forever Forever”, 4:25
“Plate”, 3:27

Forever Forever (2023)

2. James Brandon Lewis

“The Blues Still Blossoms”, 6:36

“Eye of I”, 4:40

Eye of I (2023)

3. Erica Seguine

“Reel”, 5:31

“Ose Shalom”, 10:17

The New Day Bends Light (2023)

4. Dan Rosenboom

“A Paper Tiger”, 5:59

“Tidal Mirror”, 6:01

Polarity (2023)

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