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Don't Call it Jazz - Spotlighting Contemporary Artists Part II


Continuing our theme from last week, we listen to recent recordings that have caught my ear, some really incredible music being released by wonderful contemporary artists.

PART 2 (5/6/23)

  1. Esthesis Quartet

“Brush Fire”, 7:07
“The New Yorker”, 4:37

Time Zones (2023)

2. LA Signal Lab

“Sure Baby, Manana”, 8:07

“Two Dreams, You Are Awake”, 2:29

Water and Power (2022)

3. Qasim Naqvi

“Organum”, 4:32

“Sadden Upbeat”, 3:49

Two Centuries (2022)

4. Dean Mucetti and Rhythm Real

“Steps West”, 8:51

“Loose Satin”, 8:47

Isolate // Integrate (2023)

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