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Don't Call it Jazz-Pride Month


For this week’s episode, Jon Armstrong continues his annual tradition of celebrating LGBTQ creative musicians in recognition of Pride month.

With these annual shows celebrating pride, I simply want to bask in the art and beauty of some incredible creative musicians who identify as LGBTQ.

Once again, we are living in a time where our fellow LGBTQ citizens are endangered, marginalized, and vilified. Evil forces, with tremendous money and power, are actively working on pushing our brothers, sisters, and non-binary kin to the edges of society, passing laws where simply mentioning their existence will result in punishment and reprimand. It’s insane, it’s illogical, and it’s inhumane. It’s literally anti-human.

We’re talking about humans here, fellow human beings on earth who simply want to live their lives in the pursuit of freedom and joy, same as anyone else.

1. “Jazzagenda” - 4:25

2. “Charismagic” - 3:24
Elysia Marginata (2022)

3. “Icarus” - 4:30
Oddisea, Pt. 3 (2023)

4. “Ghosts on the Water” - 5:41
Erika Oba/Chris Bastian
Carry On (2012)

5. “Put the Top Down” - 5:36
Dave Koz
Live at the Blue Note Tokyo (2012)

6. “Can We Talk” - 4:45
Tevin Campbell
I’m Ready (1993)

7. “American Pie” - 3:52
Shea Diamond
Seen it All (2018)

8. “Love Somebody” - 5:11
Teddy Geiger

9. “Lush Life” - 3:27

10. “A Flower is a Lovesome Thing” - 4:44
Billy Strayhorn
The Peaceful Side of Billy Strayhorn (1963)

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