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Don't Call it Jazz-Pride Month

Stubborn Moth 2023
Ezra Abernathy
Stubborn Moth 2023

For this week’s episode, Jon Armstrong continues his annual tradition of celebrating LGBTQ creative musicians in recognition of Pride month.

With these annual shows celebrating pride, I simply want to bask in the art and beauty of some incredible creative musicians who identify as LGBTQ.

Once again, we are living in a time where our fellow LGBTQ citizens are endangered, marginalized, and vilified. Evil forces, with tremendous money and power, are actively working on pushing our brothers, sisters, and non-binary kin to the edges of society, passing laws where simply mentioning their existence will result in punishment and reprimand. It’s insane, it’s illogical, and it’s inhumane. It’s literally anti-human.

We’re talking about humans here, fellow human beings on earth who simply want to live their lives in the pursuit of freedom and joy, same as anyone else.

1. “Jazzagenda” - 4:25

2. “Charismagic” - 3:24
Elysia Marginata (2022)

3. “Icarus” - 4:30
Oddisea, Pt. 3 (2023)

4. “Ghosts on the Water” - 5:41
Erika Oba/Chris Bastian
Carry On (2012)

5. “Put the Top Down” - 5:36
Dave Koz
Live at the Blue Note Tokyo (2012)

6. “Can We Talk” - 4:45
Tevin Campbell
I’m Ready (1993)

7. “American Pie” - 3:52
Shea Diamond
Seen it All (2018)

8. “Love Somebody” - 5:11
Teddy Geiger

9. “Lush Life” - 3:27

10. “A Flower is a Lovesome Thing” - 4:44
Billy Strayhorn
The Peaceful Side of Billy Strayhorn (1963)

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