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Don't Call it Jazz: Old and New Dreams, Comparing Modern Jazz with Classics

Don’t Call it Jazz is trying a new type of conversation show where host Jon Armstrong is joined by his longtime friend and musical collaborator Keith Kelly. The two of them will be trying a couple different show formats including, Old and New Dreams, where they compare an old classic album with a modern one.

For this first episode, they will be discussing the seminal 1979 self-titled album from the jazz super group, Old and New Dreams (based on which this series is named) and Koma Saxo by the Swedish bassist Petter Eldh.

Old and New Dreams, Old and New Dreams (1979)

  1. “Lonely Woman” 12:18
  2. “Guinea” 5:29

Petter Eldh, Koma Saxo (2019)

  1. Cyclops Dance 4:35
  2. Koma Tema 3:43
  3. Så Rinner Tiden Bort 3:17
Host of Don't Call it Jazz (DCiJ) on KISU-FM. DCiJ air's twice monthly on Saturday nights at 7:00 pm.