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Don’t Call it Jazz: Old and New Dreams, Music of Alice Coltrane and Qasim Naqvi

2024 3-30 Keith and Jon Part 2.mp3

Don’t Call it Jazz is trying a new type of conversation show where host Jon Armstrong is joined by his longtime friend and musical collaborator Keith Kelly. The two of them will be trying a couple different show formats including, Old and New Dreams, where they compare an old classic album with a modern one.

  1. "Ptah, the El Daoud", 13:58 [P,tED]
  2. "Turiya and Ramakrishna", 8:19 [P, tED]
  3. “For D.F.” 5:28 (Darnella Frazier) [TC]
  4. “Sadden Upbeat”, 3:49 [TC]
  5. “Orion Arm”, 5:25 [TC]

Rabbit Hole Deep Dive

  1. “Blue Nile”, 6:58 [P,tED]
  2. Pharoah track “Astral Travelling” 5:50 [Thembi, Impulse] 
  3. Joe Henderson track “Tress-Cun-Deo-La” 10:34 [Multiple, Milestone]
  4. Ron Carter track (All Blues CTI)
  5. Ben Riley track (Monk’s Underground?)
  1. “Wraith”, 4:14 [TC]
  2. Andrew Cyrille track [Cecil?] [Metamusicians' Stomp?]
  3. Wadada track [10 freedom summers] [Spiritual Dimensions?]