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Don’t Call it Jazz presents a two-part interview with Casey Kalmenson, AKA Little Monarch

Jon Armstrong from Don’t Call it Jazz is pleased to present a two-part podcast series on Casey Kalmenson, who goes by Little Monarch, the wonderful LA-based music producer. Casey came to Pocatello in 2023 as the second ever guest artist for the annual ISU Commercial Music Residency. Armstrong devised of this residency idea, where a contemporary music producer collaborates directly with commercial music students to produce an EP of original music.

Casey was awesome working with the students, demonstrating modern music production practices as well as inspiring a depth of creativity from all four of them. She worked with Claire Dye, Nick Thompson, Jaden Andrews, and Adam Redd.

The resulting EP was released on City Creek Records on May 3rd 2024:

In Episode 1, Jon and Casey discuss her life and musical approach for Little Monarch as we listen to her vibrant and adventurous pop music.
KISU-FM Broadcast Date: 5/18/2024 at 7:00 pm

Little Monarch Pat 1.mp3

In Episode 2, Jon and Casey talk about her experiences producing the Commercial Music Residency EP as we listen to the four final tracks
KISU-FM Broadcast Date: 5/25/2024 at 7:00 pm

Little Monarch Pat 2.mp3

To check out more music Little Monarch:

This residency was sponsored in part by the Pocatello Arts Council, the ISU Cultural Events Committee, and the ISU College of Arts and Letters

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