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Idaho Falls City Club: Insights into the current state of COVID-19 and long COVID with Dr. Ken Krell

Dr. Ken Krell addressed a large City Club of Idaho Falls gallery on March 28, 2024 on the current state of Covid. This program offered perspectives from a local medical professional who is deeply knowledgeable about complexities of the pandemic and the challenges that lie ahead. Audio and slides from this City Club presentation are available. A complete archive of 10+ years of Idaho Falls City Club forum audio, recorded by KISU, is available at IFCityClub dot com.

Dr. Ken Krell addressed the City Club audience on March 28th, providing insights into the current state of COVID-19. During his presentation, he explored key questions such as:

What is long COVID?

How prevalent is long COVID?

Who is at risk?

What are the manifestations of long COVID?

Does long COVID improve over time?

What are the underlying causes of long COVID?

Can long COVID be prevented?

What treatment options are available for long COVID?

What does the future hold regarding COVID-19?

Dr. Krell has been an integral part of the Idaho Falls community since 1982, practicing internal medicine before transitioning into full-time critical care during the COVID pandemic. He served as co-director and eventually director of EIRMC's 29-bed multidisciplinary ICU. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Krell played a pivotal role in guiding EIRMC, chairing the crisis committee, providing assistance to the regional Health department, offering expert opinions through articles and testimony, and serving on the State SIDMAC committee, which oversees statewide coordination during the pandemic. After Covid finally came under some control in late 2021 he left the ICU to become Associate Program Director of EIRMC’s 30 resident Internal Medicine Residency.

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