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Idaho Youth Ranch launches new platform to help mental health professionals

Maltreatment in childhood raises the risk of physical and mental health problems throughout life.
Ute Grabowsky
Photothek via Getty Images

It’s no secret that many kids in America are struggling with mental health issues. Studies from across the country and in Idaho are showing an alarming rise in the number of children and teens who struggle with sadness, depression and even thoughts of suicide.

The number of mental health professionals is dropping, thanks to a growing shortage of experts and a growing number of people who quit the profession because of burnout and lack of support.

The Idaho Youth Ranch wants to fill that gap with a new website designed to help support and celebrate the folks who take care of our kids when they are in crisis, it’s called Leading Edge for Youth.

Scott Curtis, the CEO of Idaho Youth Ranch and Camille Anderson, their Chief People Officer, joined Idaho Matters to talk more about the new online community.

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