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One group is helping to save raptors, one festival at a time

A child sitting on their parent's shoulders looking at an owl perched in front of a tan banner.
Jim Max
Last year's Raptor Fest was a big hit with raptors and attendees!

It’s finally springtime and that means there are baby birds, ducks and geese all over the place. If you live in Boise you will see them all over the parks and around the edges of downtown.

Springtime means it’s also time for baby birds to start hatching in the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, which is where eagles, hawks, owls and falcons come to nest and raise their young.

The Birds of Prey NCA Partnership is a nonprofit group that works to help the birds and educate folks about the public land south of Kuna.

The group’s Raptor Fest is set for June 3 and partnership board member, Matthew Podolsky and partnership president Steve Alsup join Idaho Matters to talk more.

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