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Meet the current Air Guitar Champion of Boise

A group of people stand outside with rock and roll hand gestures.
Idaho Air Guitar
Idaho Air Guitar Boise Championships 2022 at The Shredder with RickDICKulous the 2020 champion.

Tell the truth, have you ever played a little air guitar in the privacy of your own home? It’s a guilty pleasure many of us indulge in, but we don’t usually admit to it.

Turns out there’s a national competition for folks who have no guitar, no ability to play one, but plenty of musical heart and soul! And the competition is coming to Idaho!

Idaho’s Air Guitar champion from last year, Brian "Fan Airnation" Dunn and Lloyd "Stonehenge" Weema, who is a member of the US Air Guitar production crew, joined Idaho Matters to talk more about the competition.

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