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Idaho Matters Doctors Roundtable: May 31, 2023

A doctor administers a dose of the monkeypox vaccine.
Hollie Adams
Getty Images
A doctor administers a dose of the monkeypox vaccine.

Less than a month after the World Health Organization said Monkeypox is no longer a global public health emergency, the CDC is reporting anincrease in cases. Oregon officials are urging folks in that state to get vaccinated before a possible summer surge in cases. And the CDC says at least one study could show drug-resistant mutations of Monkeypox.

Also, if you thought COVID-19 was over, think again. You may still haveCOVID in your heart and your brain and that could mean very bad things for the future.

Dr. David Pate, former CEO of St. Luke's Health System, joined Idaho Matters to talk more about all of this.

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