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Remembering the life of Steven Nelson

A black and white photo shows the shadow of a person on a brick and cement wall.
Art Vandelay

Steven Nelson, a Nampa man, died in April 2016 after responding to an online ad promising a sexual encounter. He was attacked by Kelly Schneider, who yelled homophobic slurs while kicking him repeatedly with steel toed boots. Schneider then stripped and robbed Nelson in the pre-dawn darkness near Lake Lowell. The critically-injured Nelson walked naked and without shoes about half a mile away to a home where he asked for help. Unfortunately, he died several hours later, but not before he was able to give investigators detailed information that helped identify his killer.

Playwright Gregory Hinton has spent time over the years with Steven's family and with their permission he's curated an assembly of impact statements from the sentencing hearing of Nelson's confessed killer. The Piece is called "Walking Steven Home." Hinton joined Idaho Matters to talk more.

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