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Why it's important to count birds at Christmas

A bird sits on a tree branch.
Louisa Evers

Since Christmas Day in 1900, regular people have been taking part in a Christmas Bird Census. A holiday tradition where people sign up to count the birds they see in the place that they live.

The Christmas Bird Count is part of how the Audubon Society takes a wildlife census of birds to find out how they are doing and what conservation action might be needed to help them.

For three weeks across North America, volunteers at more than 2,300 sites count all the birds they see to provide a snapshot of bird populations.

There are bird counts coming up from Boise to Bruneau, from Garden Valley to Nampa. Louisa Evers, Lucian Davis and Carter Strope, all of whom are part of this years Christmas Bird Count, joined Idaho Matters to talk more.

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