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How one team is preparing for the 29th Pedigree Stage Stop sled dog race

A snowy landscape.

Last week we told you about this year’s Idaho Sled Dog Challenge and we’ve learned some of the races had to be canceled this year due to warm weather, which has made for rough trail conditions. Last we checked the Warm Lake Stage Race is still going on today, Wednesday 24 and tomorrow, Thursday 25.

The Idaho races are not the only place in the west where sled dog teams and their humans go racing. This month dogs are lining up for the 29th Pedigree Stage Stop sled dog race – with $165,000 in prize money.

It’s one of the hardest races of its type in the world – due to the length, elevation and weather. And this year, one team is a bit different from the norm.

Wyoming Public Radio’s Caitlin Tan reports for the Mountain West News Bureau.

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