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The state of wolves in Idaho

Gray Wolves in Idaho.
John M Jarvey
Gray Wolves in Idaho.

If there’s a more controversial environmental subject than wolves in Idaho, we haven’t found it yet.

When wolves were reintroduced into the Gem State almost 30 years ago, there were two very distinct sides: those who wanted them back and those who didn’t.

Anger, prejudice, myths, truths, and above all, very strong feelings on both sides, have often made it feel like common ground can never be reached.

Almost 20 years ago, Living with Wolves was formed to try and break down the myths around wolves. This nonprofit's mission is to build "tolerance that can lead to coexistence between people and wolves sharing the same land."

Garrick Dutcher, the research and program director for Living with Wolves, joined Idaho Matters to tell us more.

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