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An overview of the 2023 activity in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory 2023 Annual Report.
Yellowstone Volcano Observatory 2023 Annual Report.

Last year, four and a half million people flocked to Yellowstone National Park: a 37% increase over 2022.

They came to camp to fish, watch the wildlife, and check out the thermal geysers that spew hot water and rock out of what is a very active geologic site.

While Yellowstone seems like a summer playground, it's home to a lot of seismic activity, which can turn deadly, like in 1959 when the 7.3 Hebgen Lake earthquake killed 28 people.

The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory has released its report on last year’s seismic activity at the park, and Idaho Matters asked Michael Poland to tell us about it. He’s the research geophysicist with the Cascades volcano observatory and the scientist-in-charge of the Yellowstone volcano observatory.

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