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'Vax for Cash': An incentive program for ISU students

Pres Satterlee Vaccination.jpg
ISU President Kevin Satterlee receives a COVID-19 vaccination.

Dean of Students Craig Chatriand speaks with KISU's Jamon Anderson about the Vax for Cash program

On the Idaho State University (ISU) campus, students are abuzz with rumors about free money. But, surely this can't be true?

Well, according to Dean of Students Craig Chatriand, the rumors are true. Speaking to KISU's Jamon Anderson, Dr. Chatriand detailed a new incentive called 'Vax for Cash', where students can receive a cash reward for getting their COVID-19 jab.

The Vax for Cash program, which utilizes funds from the Cares Act, offers students a redeemable $100 voucher for visiting an on-campus pop-up vaccination center. Although a few exemptions apply, Dr. Chatriand explains that both full and part-time will be eligible for the reward. Students who have already received both shots of the vaccine, and are able to provide an official vaccine card, are also eligible to receive the money.

Whilst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a continuing concern for institutions of higher education, Dr. Chatriand hopes this program will keep the ISU community safe. Currently, ISU is employing a COVID-19 operational risk system, which encompasses four levels. The risk system dictates the precautionary steps required to suppress the virus. The system is detailed below:

  1. Orange- Low Risk
  2. White- Increased Risk
  3. Gray- Moderate Risk
  4. Black- High Risk

Currently, ISU is in tier 3 (gray), which is the second highest risk level. Practically, this means that all persons are required to wear face coverings on campus. Dr. Chatriand explains that current risk level is determined by the ISU Health Committee, who consider a number of public health metrics, including the number of student and community cases, and the availability of local hospital beds.
Amongst Idaho's 18 to 22 year old's, the current COVID-19 vaccination rate is estimated to be 33%. Although the exact numbers are unavailable, Dr. Chatriand suggests that the vaccination rate amongst the ISU student population is higher, owing partly to mandatory vaccinations for those in the Health Science. However, following the start of the Vax for Cash program, this figure is surely set to rise.

On September 7th, 8th, and 9th, students can visit the Quad Student Union to redeem their vax vouchers for cash. More information about the program is available at

Jamon Anderson has served with KISU FM since 2003 in many capacities including show-host, newscaster, announcer, board operator, production specialist, engineering assistant, automation and programs manager. He is currently KISU's General Manager.