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  • Who's ready to rock? The third episode of Double XX is one for the ages, as we take a look at the ever-changing genre of rock-n-roll. Starting with The Runaway's in the mid-70's and working our way all the up to the 90's, the first episode of this two part series features greats such as Heart and PJ Harvey. So turn up the volume, put on your rock star persona and do your best air guitar as you jam to some of the classics.
  • Roy Wood Jr., a comedian, Emmy nominee, former correspondent on the Daily Show, and native of Birmingham tells the story of this legendary ballpark with a sense of familiarity, engagement and humor. This four-part special series can be heard Saturdays at 8pm, with part-one airing this Saturday, June 1st.
  • Rob Gay, Education Curator from the Idaho Museum of Natural History, joins us to discuss how 3D printing fossils has changed paleontology.
  • John Ney and Dr. Haley Hardman are excited to welcome two distinguished guests: Heidi Solomon, the CEO of GirlzWhoSell, and Dr. Ali Mondt, an Assistant Professor of Human Performance and Sports Studies at ISU. Together, they'll delve into the dynamic world of sales, exploring its challenges, opportunities, and the fun aspects of the profession.
  • On this month's episode, join Dean Shane Hunt as he welcomes Health West CEO and ISU alumna, Mindy Benedetti, to discuss all things Health West. In the next segment, Dean Hunt is joined by ISU Professor of Accounting, Dr. Erik Boyle, to explore the impact of artificial intelligence in the classroom and the accounting profession.
  • In this two-part series, Jodie Schwicht interviews ISU Sustainability Team Leaders Brian Sagendorf, Jessica Carnes, and Jennifer Parrot on their efforts to create a more environmentally-friendly network of ISU campuses.
  • In this blast from the past, we are gracing ears with these incredible vocalists who were running the world of music in the 1970's. Whether it's music you grew up on, or music that your parents listened to, all of these women offer incredibly unique vocals that set them apart from anyone else. With groovy beats and soulful performances, this episode of Double XX is one you will not want to miss!
  • Nathan Gregson is joined by Matt Lucia, the Executive Director of Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust located in Pocatello, to discuss the diminishing sagebrush steppe landscape.
  • Dr. Leif Tapanila and Peter Pruett meet with guest Brett Hewatt, Parks and Rec Superintendent and Arborist for the City of Pocatello to discuss arbor planning, development, and trends in parks and residential areas in the city, including recommendations to homeowners.
  • Jon Armstrong from Don’t Call it Jazz is pleased to present a two-part podcast series on Casey Kalmenson, who goes by Little Monarch, the wonderful LA-based music producer. Casey came to Pocatello in 2023 as the second ever guest artist for the annual ISU Commercial Music Residency. Armstrong devised of this residency idea, where a contemporary music producer collaborates directly with commercial music students to produce an EP of original music.
  • Jenny Shea and Craig Hartman, volunteers with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, visit with KISU's McKenzie Young about water safety. Primary tips include wearing a life jacket when on or near the water and creating a float plan that lets others know who is going boating, where you are boating, when you are going and when you plan on returning from boating.