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  • KISU’s Ricky Colapieto interviews Maele Christensen, a student studying medical lab sciences in their senior year. Maele shares what she does within ASISU as a senator and member of the finance committee. They also discuss the upcoming ASISU election, which has a deadline to apply to run for the senate on February 10th.
  • For this episode of Crucial Riddims, join host Dr. Henry Evans as he schools us on the classic tracks of Jamaican artist, Burning Spear.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews two cast members as well as the director of ISU performing arts upcoming show ‘Cendrillon’. This episode features Dr. Diana Livingston Friedly, Miren Gabiola, and Jessica Moss. They cover the wonderful story of Cendrillon as well as the massive amount of work that went behind putting together this wonderful show. Appropriate for all ages, this is a show you do not want to miss! Click here to get your tickets to this wonderful adaptation of the french opera Cendrillon!
  • Daniel Moore joined the ISU Alumni team in the fall of 2022. Dan graduated from Idaho State, first in 2004 with a major in Journalism and English, and then in 2008 in Graphic Arts and Printing. He currently lives in American Falls, where he was involved with community journalism and the newspaper The Power County Press until coming back to ISU in his new role. His new duties includes providing campaign support and donor outreach to help fulfill the mission of ISU and its students.
  • Psychologists Cameron Staley and Jennifer Miesch discuss stigma around mental health issues, how to talk with someone about mental health concerns, and how to encourage someone to seek help.
  • Dean Jean and Tabatha interview Idaho State Senator, James Ruchti and Dr. Wendy Ruchti about their scholarship to support College of Education's Master of Arts in Teaching students and of their support of education in the state of Idaho.
  • For the January 2023 episode of the Bengal Business Radio Show our host, Dean Hunt, welcomes ISU College of Business alum and former CEO of Office Depot Bruce Nelson who shares about leadership, his career and his time at ISU. In the second half of the program, Dr. Chris Pearson tells us about his journey to being a Professor at ISU, his advice for current students and the future of the Accounting profession.
  • It's poker night over here, and in between hands we've got some thematically appropriate music and an episode of Duffy Tavern's.
  • Don't Call it Jazz is proud to present the debut album of Idaho Falls based drummer Caleb Coleman, Concentric Circles, released on City Creek Records.
  • In this episode of Sales Talk, John Ney interviews Abigail Eatinger, a graduate assistant with the ISU College of Business to cover upcoming events. John Ney also brings Dr. Jeff Tanner on the show to talk about his extensive sales experience. Dr. Tanner coteaches with John Ney, and they share their love of sales and some solid advice.
  • In this episode, The Nature of Idaho's very own Leif Tapanila shares his experience working at the museum! He shares his background, and how his education in biology contributed greatly to the work he does in paleontology. Tune in to this episode to learn more about the Buzzsaw shark and Leif's experiences in paleontology and the museum!Check out this week's trivia question:Q: When was the Idaho Museum of Natural History founded?A: 1934