Jamon Anderson takes the microphone today and talks to Ben Storms about SAB's halloween themed plans.

Host Nyele Alvarez sits down with UmaShankar Medasetti, Senator for Graduate Studies, to learn more about him and his field of study.

The Alturas Institute presents the virtual forum titled America Reimagined, Conversations with Exceptional Women on October 16th from 9 am to 3 pm. Speakers include Diane McWhorter, Amy Harder, Gina Bennett, Dr. Joanne Freeman, Lauren Bean Buitta, Dr. Lara Brown, Dr. Caroline Heldman, and Soraya Chemaly. Students and teachers attend at no charge. Email alturasmedia@alturasinstitute.com to receive your free ticket. General Admission is $20. 




In the last 50 years Idaho warmed up by 2 degrees F. Are we set to warm even further? Join Leif Tapanila and Peter Pruett as they speak with climate scientist, John Abatzoglou, about impacts to Idaho. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all our lives but likely in different ways. This week on Mind Tap, we hear personal stories from two medical professionals who share their insights on the mental health consequences of Covid-19.

This episode focuses on substance abuse--a major mental health concern for Southeast Idahoans. A goal of MindTap is to share the lived experiences of people--since mental health struggles isn’t something that we often talk about. It is our hope at MindTap that we can contribute to normalizing conversations about mental health.

In his first solo episode, host Krystoff Kissoon navigates what's been on his mind lately when it comes to politics in the United States and the upcoming Presidential/Senate election on Nov. 3rd, 2020. 


In this episode of Know Your Media Dr. Zac Gershberg welcomes ISU Professor of Political Science Dr. Colin Johnson for an in-depth conversation about Russian use of media, both domestically and internationally, to control political outcomes and erode domocratic values. They also talk about confirmation bias, a rise of illiberal democracies, and an international assessment of US freedom in decline.

Ben gives Logan the rundown of what SAB has in store this week, and they discuss the necessity of taking time for yourself during a busy week like midterms.

On Tuesday, October 6th KISU-FM will be making a significant change to its weekday linup during the 9:00 am hour. The program On Point will be replaced with the NPR program 1A. 


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The Way States Count Test Results Matters As Antigen Testing Comes Online In Mountain West

Antigen testing is expected to become a more common way to test for COVID-19. It looks for the virus’ surface coating, rather than pieces of its genetic material. It’s faster and easier to administer than other tests. But, as Kaiser Health News has reported , Mountain West states differ in how they handle the results, representing three of the approximately 20 states that were lagging when it came to collecting the results of antigen tests. However, over the past few weeks, the states have...

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