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Idaho State University Releases List of 2022 Highlights

ISU Top Ten
ISU Top Ten

The top ten list spans grants, celebrations and dinosaurs.

In a recent announcement, Idaho State University released the following holiday poem.

"Against a backdrop of fresh fallen snow,
Stood a familiar icon that all Bengals know.
It’s the site of midnight traditions and a campus view,
And the location to make memories, both old and new.

For decades, the Red Hill Pillars of Idaho State
Have been a symbol of everything we celebrate.
As we conclude the year, and look back on the past,
Our memories with you are the ones that will last.

Wishing you the best this holiday season!

––Idaho State University"

Also, ISU released their top ten highlights for 2022. The list, which was whittled down from hundreds of notable accomplishments, spans a broad array of topics. The list, which is supported by full news posts, is available to view at

Rachel was born and raised in Pocatello and is now studying for a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Rachel is a student-athlete on both ISU’s Track and Cross-Country teams. When Rachel isn’t running, she enjoys travelling, sleepy Sundays spent working in coffee shops and adventuring in Idaho’s wilderness. Her research interests include sustainable development, environmental policy and public policy theory.