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Sustainable Idaho: The McClure Center Idaho Climate Economy Impacts Assessment

Guy Bowden

Our episode features Dr. Foster and Dr. Himes from the McClure Center for Public Policy Research. The McClure Center recently published their Idaho Climate-Economy Impact Assessment, a non-partisan and science-based resource to help Idaho business leaders and policy makers plan for a resilient economy.

The report was compiled by over fifty researchers throughout the state, and focuses on six major economic sectors in Idaho. This includes agriculture, energy, health, infrastructure, land, and recreation / tourism.

Among their many findings, the assessment predicts an increase in temperatures can lead to a greater demand for summer irrigation, and warmer temperatures and drought can lead to a longer fire season and a lower air quality. Recreation and tourism may decrease due to a lower snowpack after an increase in winter rain.

You can find the full report here:

Katie Kelshaw is a graduate of Boise State University with a Masters of Arts in Political Science where she has since taught as an adjunct professor. She is born and raised in Pocatello, where her family are farmers and business owners. Katie is an active member in an advocacy organization called Action Corps Idaho, where she helps run campaigns around Climate Justice and a Global COVID Response.