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Pocatello’s EV Expo with Linda Engle

Pocatello will be hosting an Electric Vehicle Expo on October 1, 2022. Linda sat down with Jessa and Emma to discuss electric vehicles in preparation for the event.

On Saturday, October 1 2022, there is a whole day dedicated to the education of electric vehicles. A collaboration of many Idaho companies has brought this event together to express the future of electric vehicles (EVs) in Idaho and answer any questions you may have. It is for anyone who already owns an EV, or anyone with any sort of interest. There will be EV models, charging station technicians and installers, as well as representatives from the many Idaho companies taking part. To help Sustainable Idaho listeners prepare for this event, Linda Engle talked to Jessa and Emma about the basics of Electric Vehicles, and the three of them talked about the benefits of EVs in Idaho.

At the end of the show, the girls made a huge announcement: ISU is conducting a nation-wide search for an Environmental Sustainability Program Manager. Here is the link as promised:

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Jessa is in her final year of her undergraduate career, pursuing three majors: English with Creative Writing, History, and Global Studies with an emphasis in French Language and Literature. She is a published author through ISU's Black Rock & Sage literary magazine and hopes to join the Sustainability Club at ISU. Her sustainability journey began with her year abroad when she interned for Letters to the Earth, an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. She hopes to work for Amnesty International until she can write books in the mountains full time.