Governor Little’s Recreate Responsibly Campaign & Safety Tips

Apr 24, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Steve Stuebner, spokesman for Governor Little's Recreate Responsibly Idaho campaign, for tips and ideas for recreating during the COVID-19 pandemic and Stay at Home Order. 


Credit Steve Stuebner

Tips to stay safe while playing outdoors: (printable flier)

·      Stay home if you’re feeling sick

·      Keeping at least 6 feet of space between you and others for proper social distancing, OK to stay closer to family members

·      Wear personal protective equipment in areas with high congestion

·      If you approach a boat ramp or a trailhead that’s really busy, consider going somewhere else.

·      Recreate close to home, even in your own neighborhood; some counties like Blaine and Valley do not want out-of-county visitors to visit

·      Check before you go to a state park or campground to ensure it’s open … I heard several state parks had to close access last weekend as parking lots got too full and crowding was occurring

·      Bring plenty of supplies for your outdoor trip so you can minimize contact with others

·      Pack it in/pack it out

·      Refrain from high-risk activities (hospitals and medical professionals are plenty busy as it is)