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House Call - Health West Pediatrics

This week on House Call, Dr. Naeem Rahim welcomes Dr. Greg Kostur, Dr. Kendra Westerhaus, Alex Lemmon, and Amanda Collins from Health West to discuss their brand-new facility, Health West Pediatrics.

In this interview, Dr. Greg Kostur, Pediatrician; Dr. Kendra Westerhaus, Psychologist; Alex Lemmon, Pediatrics Clinic Administrator; and Amanda Collins, Director of Outreach and Enrollment, discuss the aim of Health West and the services provided at various locations in Southeast Idaho. Health West Pediatrics is the 9th Health West facility in the region and the first speciality clinic, offering integrated behavioral health services for every level of development with a focus on early literacy. 

For more information about Health West, visit

Contact Health West Pediatrics at (208)-232-3355, or visit the clinic at 500 S. 11th Ave, Suite 204, Pocatello ID.