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Sustainability at Idaho State University

Is ISU sustainable?

This week on Sustainable Idaho, Scott and Rachel are exploring the recent Idaho State University Sustainability Petition. Speaking to Emma Watts and Rituraj Yadav, the creators of the petition, Sustainable Idaho explores the recent push being made by the student body for a greener and more sustainable campus.

Back in February a petition was circulating online, receiving well over 700 signatures from students, faculty, staff and members of the community. The petition explained that Idaho State University has a responsibility to meet the urgency of climate change by taking real and meaningful actions. The petition asked Idaho State University President Kevin Satterlee, to commit to one of Second Nature's Climate Leadership Commitments and create a University Project Charter regarding sustainability on campus. This petition comes in the wake of recent sustainability pushes being made by universities across the nation. Emma and Rituraj believe that educational institutions, like ISU, are in a unique position -- although the universities large buildings and operating systems can be significant contributors to carbon emissions, through the intentional use of time and resources, colleges and universities can be catalysts for action. While, Emma and Rituraj were unable to secure a meeting with the President, they were able to sit down with the university administration to discuss options for future sustainable initiatives. Both Emma and Rituraj are hopeful that they will see sustainable actions coming this fall semester, and they plan to host sustainable awareness events to help engage the student body and the broader Pocatello Community.

Find the link the petition: