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Armstrong shares recent favorites this week on Don't Call it Jazz

In this episode of Don’t Call it Jazz, I’m diving into three albums that I’ve been listening deeply to recently, Erika Oba’s new album Strange Moon, Kassa Overall’s recent release Animals and Lean In which is the result of a wonderful collaboration between vocalist Gretchen Parlato and guitarist Lionel Loueke. Each one of these albums are unique and expansive, so we’re gonna dive in by listening to a couple tracks from each one.

To listen to the full albums, and to support music by purchasing the fruits of these artists’ labor, please go to their bandcamp pages:

Gretchen Parlato and Lionel Loueke, Lean In

Kassa Overall, Animals

Erika Oba, Strange Moon

Chief Adjuah, Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning

Gretchen Parlato and Lionel Loueke

Lean In

  1. “I Miss You” (5:03)
  2. “If I Knew” (4:27)
  3. “Astronauta” (4:54)
  4. “Lean In” (4:49)

Kassa Overall


  1. “Make My Way Back Home” feat Nick Hakim and Theo Croker (3:56)
  2. “The Lava is Calm” feat Theo Croker (3:07)
  3. “No It Aint” (1:29)
  4. “So Happy” (4:08)

Erika Oba & Ends Meat Catastrophe Jazz Ensemble

Strange Moon

  1. “ii. Lament (5:00)
  2. “iii. Hymn” (3:27)
  3. “iv: Queer Future Magic” (5:50)

Chief Adjuah

Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning

  1. “On To New Orleans” (3:20)
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