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Banding songbirds in Boise

A woman wearing a long sleeved shirt and tan overalls releases a large bird of pretty in the mountains.
Greg Kaltenecker
Ayla releases a Red-tailed Hawk that was banded at the Intermountain Bird Observatory as part of their migration research.

Have you ever held a wild songbird in the palm of your hand? It turns out that a group of researchers are asking you to come and do just that.

Boise State University’s Intermountain Bird Observatory works to help bird conservation through research and education and by getting people involved with that research and the natural world.

One of the ways they do that is by inviting the public to take part in their summer songbird banding along the Boise Rivernext Friday.

Heidi Ware Carlisle, the Education Director of the IBO, joined Idaho Matters to talk more.

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