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Why seniors are staying motivated to go to the gym

Adults grab weights from a weight rack at an Idaho YMCA.
Idaho Treasure Valley YMCA

When it comes to staying healthy physical activity is important, especially as we start to get older.

The benefits of staying active include lower risk of disease, more mental clarity, better sleep, increased energy ... the list goes on. However, according to the CDC, over 60% of adults in the U.S. are not getting enough exercise, which can negatively impact their long-term health.

So Boise State psychology professor Dr. Mary Pritchard and student Susan Copple decided to partner with several branches of the Treasure Valley YMCA to take a look at the adults that were staying active, particularly those 60 years or older and find out what motivated them to get into the gym and keep going back. Susan Copple joined Idaho Matters to talk more the study.

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