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Ruby Ridge through the eyes of FBI agents

A mountain cabin.
The Spokesman Review

In 1992, U.S. Marshals were investigating Randy Weaver for federal firearms charges. A tragic series of events led to a shootout near Weaver’s isolated Ruby Ridge cabin in north Idaho, which left Marshal William Degan and Weaver’s son Sammy dead.

This led to an 11-day standoff between Weaver’s family and the FBI and to the death of his wife Vicki who was shot by an FBI sniper who was aiming at Weaver’s friend Kevin Harris.

The case got widespread media attention, led to a congressional investigation, and spawned several tell-all books, tv shows, and reenactments.

CBS TV show ‘FBI TRUE' takes viewersbehind the scenes of some of the biggest crime scenes through the stories of FBI agents who were there, and on Tuesday, Nov. 14, they look at Ruby Ridge.

Former Hostage Rescue Team members Charlie Rasner and Jim McGee joined Idaho Matters to talk about their time at the Ruby Ridge standoff.

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