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The Irish Revolution a Century Ago…and Lessons for Today

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Dr. Justin Dolan Stover, ISU Associate Professor, Department Chair of History, and ISU’s 2024 Distinguished Researcher, discusses the early 20th century history of Ireland and the impact of environmental destruction as a weapon of war. He describes how ISU students participate in his research efforts and offers a thoughtful explanation of the importance of historical research to answer contemporary political and societal questions.

Dr. Justin Dolan Stover, is Associate Professor and Department Chair of History and has been at ISU since 2012. In 2024, he was recognized as Idaho State University’s Distinguished Researcher. Dr. Stover holds degrees from Trinity College Dublin (Ph.D.), University College Dublin (M.A.), and Central Michigan University (B.S.). His work explores the intersection of violence, political life, and environmental history in modern Ireland, as well as the broader history of war and revolution in Europe. His first book, published in 2022, Enduring Ruin: Environmental Destruction during the Irish Revolution, surveyed diverse Irish landscapes as both platforms for revolutionary revolt and victims of state retaliation. It was reviewed by The Irish Times and the Irish Literary Supplement.

Stover’s body of scholarship has explored a variety of topics, including political prisoner culture, sexual violence in revolutionary conflict, and environmental destruction in war, which have appeared in leading journals and other publications. He has undertaken several research fellowships at universities throughout Ireland, and recently concluded a sabbatical fellowship at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in Amsterdam.

Martin Blair joined Idaho State University in 2022 as the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. Dr. Blair began his career as a special education teacher. Then, spent two decades at the Utah State University Center for Excellence in Disabilities in a variety of research and training leadership roles. In 2013, he moved to Missoula, Montana where he spent nine years directing the University of Montana Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities. In these various roles, Dr. Blair has worked extensively across the U.S. to improve the quality of services, supports and policies for individuals with disabilities of all ages, and their families. <a href=""></a><br/>