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NIATEC Chronicles: Shaping Cybersecurity Excellence

Welcome to the NIATEC Chronicles: Shaping Cybersecurity Excellence podcast, where we delve into the world of cybersecurity with a focus on training the next generation of cyber professionals. Hosted by current members of the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC) at Idaho State University, this podcast aims to provide valuable insights and discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in cybersecurity.

At NIATEC, we are home to the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service federal training program, dedicated to improving the number and quality of information assurance and cyber professionals safeguarding our nation's critical infrastructure and key resources. This program continues to lead in producing well-trained professionals adept at implementing technology, federal policies, and business strategy with confidence. 

Tune in once a month as we bring you engaging conversations with industry experts, alumni spotlights, and highlights in current events. Whether you're a seasoned cybersecurity professional or just starting your journey in the field, NIATEC Chronicles: Shaping Cybersecurity Excellence is your go-to podcast for staying informed and inspired in the world of cybersecurity.

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