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Pocatello’s Comprehensive Plan 2040 With Jim Anglesey

Before rounding off their trails series, Jessa and Emma talk to Jim Anglesey, Pocatello City’s Long Range Senior Planner, about Comprehensive Plan 2040. Excitingly, this is the first comprehensive plan of its kind, where an entire team was allowed to focus solely on it and ensure it represents the value of the community. A public hearing will be held April 12, 2023, and in May 2023 the plan will be presented for approval to the City Council.

“Comprehensive Plan 2040 is a 20-year plan that seeks to implement a vision for Pocatello and its people. It reflects the voice of residents and is the guiding document for shaping Pocatello’s future.” - quoted from the introduction of the draft comprehension plan (linked below).

Comprehensive plans are required by Idaho state law, but often are pushed aside or treated as last priority. Comprehensive Plan 2040 breaks this cycle and is the product of a 2-year commitment from city planners to guide Pocatello to the brightest possible future. Though broad in its goals and values, Comprehensive Plan 2040 is meant to act as a guide for future policies and more specific plans. The planners also hope Comprehensive Plan 2040 will act as a mediator for collaboration and implementation between all different partners and organizations.

Further resources! 

Portneuf Resource Council’s new website:

Draft Comprehensive Plan 2040:

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Timeline and summary of Comprehensive Plan for 2040:

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Jessa is in her final year of her undergraduate career, pursuing three majors: English with Creative Writing, History, and Global Studies with an emphasis in French Language and Literature. She is a published author through ISU's Black Rock & Sage literary magazine and hopes to join the Sustainability Club at ISU. Her sustainability journey began with her year abroad when she interned for Letters to the Earth, an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. She hopes to work for Amnesty International until she can write books in the mountains full time.