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  • Peter Richardson from Idaho Energy Freedom introduces the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project to Jessa and expresses IEF’s stance on it.
  • On her first solo episode, Jessa talks with Peter Richardson, an energy attorney who is the nominal chair of Idaho Energy Freedom, a blossoming organization based in Bosie, Idaho. Peter introduces Jessa to this organization and some of their recent projects.
  • Jessa and Emma sit down with Mike Settell from Watershed Guardians to gain an understanding of this unique Idaho organization.
  • Jessa and Emma sit down with Mike Settell from Watershed Guardians to get more information about what is threatening Idaho Beaver, who play a vital role in Idaho’s ecosystem.
  • The Portneuf Valley Environmental Fair. is held on or around Earth Day every year. This year’s fair was held on April 22 at Caldwell Park and included live music, free food, and over 75 booths representing local organizations, businesses, and government entities. Emma took a field trip to the Environmental fair, and together Jessa and her listened to the community’s responses to a variety of questions.
  • As part of an ongoing series on Pocatello’s trail system, Jessa and Emma talk to Luke Nelson, co-director of Scout Mountain Ultras, about the work that goes into planning a sustainable event on Pocatello’s trails and the responsibility that the outdoor recreation industry has towards the communities that support it.
  • Before rounding off their trails series, Jessa and Emma talk to Jim Anglesey, Pocatello City’s Long Range Senior Planner, about Comprehensive Plan 2040. Excitingly, this is the first comprehensive plan of its kind, where an entire team was allowed to focus solely on it and ensure it represents the value of the community. A public hearing will be held April 12, 2023, and in May 2023 the plan will be presented for approval to the City Council.
  • In this episode, Jessa and Emma talk to Maren Hunter, a representative from the city of Pocatello and Sheila Larsen, a representative of the Forest Service about just how much work goes into maintaining and supporting Pocatello’s extensive trail systems.
  • In this episode, Bruce Olneck gives a deep-dive into the mountain biking scene on the Pocatello trails, and the importance of using the right trails whether you are walking, riding a bike, walking your pet, or more!
  • The greater Pocatello area encompasses about a thousand miles of trails. It’s well beloved by locals and visitors alike. But these trails take a lot of love and maintenance to keep them open and available to the public without degrading our environment. In this episode, Jessa and Emma talk to Glenn Thackray and Jennifer Cornell, local scientists, about what threatens our Pocatello trails.