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Research on Mushrooms that Decompose Plastic

Nathan Gregson is joined by Gavin Pechey, the founder of Sporadicate based out of Portland, Oregon, and Scott Fitchett, a member of Bengal solutions and the ISU college of business to discuss the ongoing research on mycelium that decomposes plastic.

In this episode they talk about what mycelium is, how big of an issue plastic waste is, what Sporadicate is, what Sporadicate’s goals are, when we can expect the results from the experiments, and if the mycelium can decompose plastics that have entered the Ocean. Want to know more? Check out Sporadicate’s website at

Gavin Pechey
Scott Fitchett

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Nathan Gregson is one of 2 Sustainable Idaho hosts for 2023-2024. He is a current student at ISU in the college of Business with a minor in music and is the drummer for the ISU Jazz band. In his down time Nathan loves to spend time outside doing activities such as hiking and camping. In doing this radio show Nathan is able to express his love for nature and help the community take better care of it. His life goal is to run his own private Drum and Piano lessons in Denver, Colorado.