Pocatello Program Seeks Home Owners for Lead Tests and Removal

Mar 21, 2019

The City of Pocatello became the only city in Idaho to receive a three year grant from HUD aimed at protecting families, particularly young children and pregnent women, against the serious health hazards posed by lead in most homes built before 1978. The average age of houses in the Pocatello area is 47 years old, that's seven years older than the national average. KISU's Jamon Anderson talks about the previlence of lead in Pocatello homes with Faith Wilhelmi, Program Outreach Coordinator andand Janae Mitchell, CDGB Program Manager with Pocatello's Planning and Development Services Department. They explain where lead hides in old homes, how to test for and properly eliminate lead, and who qualifies for this free program. Listen to the following interfiew to learn more, or contact:

Faith Wilhelmi, City of Pocatello Program Outreach Coordinator

fwihelmi@pocatello.us -or- (208)241-2531


Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Leaducatepocatello/