Smart Speakers - A Hands-free Listening Experience

Dec 19, 2019


What are the benefits of listening to KISU using a smart speaker?

Generally speaking, the benefits of a smart speaker come from the fact that they can be hands-free devices that a user can interact with via voice. The assistants in the smart speakers are at the ready, waiting to hear the ‘wake-up’ word(s): “Hey Google,” or “Alexa…”. They are equipped with powerful microphones designed to filter out noise and focus on the voice speaking to it, anywhere in the 360-degree field. Most smart speakers come with much better speakers than those in phones, creating a better listening experience in homes.

NPR has provided infomation to assist listeners with three major brands of smart speakers, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homepod. The link below for more information on setting up your device to stream NPR and KISU: